Our Story

Mike Taylor founded Pie Funds with the simple philosophy of outperforming the markets by investing in growth companies. He believed most fund managers were serial underperformers, and saw an opportunity to launch a specialist boutique investment firm.

Pie has created a brand that is separate and distinct from the styles of most fund managers. Our goal is to focus first and foremost on client returns, and to provide investors with outstanding client service. We offer our investors a unique approach to funds management, and believe this sets us apart from the rest.

The industry has recognised Pie’s achievements via numerous awards and accolades over the years, but none we are more proud of than the wealth we have created for our clients. Now a decade on, and Pie’s philosophy remains the same. We are committed to smart investing, providing above-average returns and, most of all, we’re dedicated to our clients.

Our Culture

The Pie team is non-corporate and has no room for ego. Put simply, we exist to make money for clients. Performance matters more than growing our customer base. We pride ourselves in our boutique and premium offering.

Over the past decade, we have built a team of results driven and passionate people who treat each other and our clients like family.

We believe investing should be a partnership and that's why we invest alongside our clients. In fact, more than 10% of the money that we manage is the personal investments of our staff and shareholders.

Client Journey

Our clients rely on us to look after their investments and we honour this with respect, openness and honesty.



We align with and understand our clients. This involves identifying client needs and building trust.



During the on-boarding process, we complete verifying information, collect documentary proof and conduct due diligence. This is a pivotal component of our risk-management.



We aim to provide outstanding client service and deliver out-performance.



We believe that a better process leads to a better outcome. The investment team continuously measures and reviews fund performance to ensure our clients are getting the best possible returns.



We have an open-door policy and keep clients informed through meetings, phone calls, newsletters and publications. We also host frequent client events.



We are always thinking of ways to enhance our client service, such as personalised welcome packages and financial education through JUNO Investing magazine.