Why Pie Funds?


Skin in the game

Investing for us is personal. A lot of our Pie staff, directors and shareholders have their personal money invested alongside clients. Pie staff, directors and shareholders have over $100m of their personal money invested alongside clients (as at 31.01.24).


Active Performance

We’re committed to active fund management, providing above-average returns, and generating long-term wealth.


Boutique Service

You're not just a number. We have an absolute commitment to providing excellent communication and service to our clients.

Our Investment Services



Pie KiwiSaver Scheme has a range of actively managed funds, led by our local and global investment team that aim to provide expert insights and above-average returns over the long-term.

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Wealth Management

Pie Wealth is a personalised advice service, tailoring an investment portfolio to your lifestyle and requirements. This service is best suited to individuals, family trusts and corporates with $1 million or more to invest.

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Investment Funds

Pie has a range of investment funds to suit different risk and return profiles. You can choose multiple funds to diversify your investments, or invest in a single fund if you want something specific. The minimum investment amount is $25,000 per fund.

Our Funds

Returns as at 31 January 2024

Fund Chart Inception date Annualised return since inception Status
Australasian Growth *
Global Growth *
Diversified and Fixed Income *
KiwiSaver **
Growth Dec 2007 12.83% Open
Emerging Apr 2013 18.21% Closed
Growth 2 Aug 2015 10.49% Open
Dividend Growth Sep 2011 15.73% Open
Global Growth Sep 2013 9.05% Open
Global Growth 2 May 2018 4.11% Open
Growth UK & Europe Nov 2016 8.20% Open
Conservative Apr 2015 3.78% Open
Fixed Income Dec 2023 - Open
Property & Infrastructure Dec 2023 - Open
Chairman’s Sep 2014 9.53% Open
Conservative Aug 2018 2.98%
Balanced Aug 2018 4.99%
Growth Aug 2018 7.67%

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.
* Figures are calculated after fees and before any individual applicable tax.
** Figures are calculated before fees and before any individual applicable tax.

Fund Unit Price ($) Date
Australasian Growth
Global Growth
Diversified and Fixed Income

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Market Insights

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We love to see skin in the game

If there is one thing that the last few years have taught us, a Global pandemic, wars and market volatility, it is the importance of following key principles for long-term KiwiSaver growth. These principles have been developed over years of active fund management experience.

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Balancing risks and returns has always been one of the main priorities for us at the Pie KiwiSaver Scheme. Especially when inflation rates are higher and markets are less predictable. However, with the long term approach and knowledge of investment fundamentals, there are still plenty of strong investment opportunities to be found.

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We invest in people

The last twelve months have continued to be a volatile time, and markets certainly haven’t disappointed. At the Pie KiwiSaver Scheme, we believe conditions like these are a ‘hunter’s paradise’, with plenty of strong opportunities for long-term KiwiSaver growth to be found.

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Five principles
for growth

We use five key principles to guide our investment choices, which we have refined over the past 16 years since Pie Funds launched in 2007.

We stick to these principles not only when markets are up, but when they’re down, too. 

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