High focus, high conviction,
active management.

We take a different perspective, based on in-depth research and analysis. 

A more selective approach that means we invest with greater conviction. 

Aiming to outperform the market by design, not by luck.

High focus, high conviction,<br>active management.

Investment Pillars

Every decision we make is underpinned by our five investment pillars.

We believe there’s nothing quite like the motivation of having skin in the game.
That’s why we invest alongside you, with conviction. Over $100m^ of the money we manage comes from our staff, directors, or shareholders.
We look for the same commitment from the founders and managers of the companies we invest in.
When it comes to investing, you can’t always believe the hype.
And you shouldn’t always follow the herd. That’s why we make decisions based on in-depth research and analysis, not short-term hype.
Always looking for the fundamentals of good businesses, with long-term viability and growth potential.
The path to profitability is much simpler when you’re riding the prevailing winds – not fighting against them.
But in an age of disruption, winds of investing can shift quickly. So picking them is important.
That’s why we are constantly assessing short and long- term trends to spot clear tailwinds.
(Not just the numbers)
When driving returns, it matters who’s driving.
The skill, experience, passion, and ability of business leaders really can make all the difference.
That’s why we don’t just get to know the numbers – we get to know the people behind the businesses we invest in too.
Ensuring the senior leaders have the commitment and the capability to drive success (not just charisma).
Markets go up and down. All we can do is be prepared – and act accordingly.
That’s why we always keep something aside for a rainy day.
Holding cash in our funds and a seasoned approach to increasing it (as far as 100%) to preserve investor capital. Then deploying cash quickly once markets begin to recover.
Ready to act when we see a threat or opportunity.

Why invest with Pie?

We're for the more invested. 

Because we're more invested, too.


Skin in the Game

Investing alongside you. Over $100m^ of the money we manage from our staff, directors, or shareholders.

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Active Management

We don’t follow the market. We work tirelessly to beat it. High focus, high conviction, active management.

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Global Team

Global experts dedicated to managing New Zealanders money, with specialist teams across NZ, AU, and UK.

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