The Dividend Fund provides investors with long-term capital growth as well as a regular dividend payment stream.

Mike Ross
Investment Research Consultant



Sep 2011



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The Fund

The Dividend Fund’s objective is to deliver long-term capital growth and six-monthly dividend payments by investing in smaller dividend-paying companies listed in New Zealand and Australia. This fund is open. Click here to view the latest Fund Update.

Investment Process

The Fund is designed to protect and grow capital by investing in a small number of growth companies where we consider value is greatest and the opportunity of earnings growth is high. We focus on those companies with a sustainable dividend. 

Further information about how the investment strategy is implemented is in the SIPO.

If you wish to invest, please download and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO), then complete the online application form.


We look for companies that exhibit two major characteristics: value and growth. These are companies listed in Australia and New Zealand. We believe that it is better to focus our attention on a handful of carefully selected investments, so we will typically have 15 of our best ideas in our Australasian funds.

Find out more about our top holdings by checking out the latest Dividend Fund Fact Sheet. 

Meet the Managers

Chris Bainbridge: Chris is responsible for researching and conducting detailed analysis of Australasian companies. He is also the Portfolio Manager of the Growth 2 and Dividend Funds, and Co-Portfolio Manager with Mark Devcich of the Emerging Fund. Click here to read Chris’ full profile.

Mike Ross: Mike consults to Pie on research and detailed analysis of Australasian companies. His main focus is the Dividend FundClick here to read Mike’s full profile

* Past performance is not an indicator for future performance. All figures are calculated after fees and before any applicable tax.