Cash Plus

Cash Plus is a conservative option that aims to outperform bank rates.

Bianca Fledderus



Apr 2015



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The Fund

The Cash Plus Fund provides investors with a conservative cash investment with the benefit of an equity ‘kicker’. Up to 20% is invested in our funds, giving us the ability to outperform bank rates. There is a 10-day withdrawal period for this fund. Recommended investment time frame: 2 years. Click here to view the latest Fund Update.

Investment Process

The Cash Plus Fund’s strategy is to invest predominantly (approximately 80%) with New Zealand registered banks (the intention being with at least two such banks) in cash held on call or term deposit for a duration of no more than 12 months.

In addition, the Cash Plus Fund may also invest (approximately 20%) in equities either directly or through the Other Pie Funds Products. We may also invest in bonds and other types of financial products (at our discretion).

Further information in relation to how the investment strategy is implemented is set out above in the ‘Investment Strategy and SIPO Review’ section of this SIPO.

If you wish to invest, please read and download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO), then complete the online application form.


Approximately 80% of the fund will be invested with New Zealand registered banks in cash, held on call or term deposit. Approximately 20% of the fund will be invested across our funds, namely the Growth 2, Dividend, and Global Funds.

Find out more about our top holdings by checking out the latest Cash Plus Fund Fact Sheet. 

Meet the Managers

Chris Bainbridge: Chris is responsible for detailed analysis of Australasian companies. He is also the Portfolio Manager of the Growth and Growth 2 Funds, and Co-Portfolio Manager of the Cash Plus Fund. Click here to read Chris’s full profile.

Bianca Fledderus: Bianca is an Investment Analyst at Pie Funds and the Co-Portfolio Manager of the Cash Plus Fund. Bianca joined Pie Funds in September 2016. Click here to read Bianca's full profile.

* Past performance is not an indicator for future performance. All figures are calculated after fees and before any applicable tax.