12/5/2023 11:00:00 PM

We invest in people

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The last twelve months have continued to be a volatile time, and markets certainly haven’t disappointed. At the Pie KiwiSaver Scheme, we believe conditions like these are a ‘hunter’s paradise’, with plenty of strong opportunities for long-term KiwiSaver growth to be found. As active fund managers, our investment team works tirelessly to build resilient KiwiSaver funds that can outperform the market over the long term, even in challenging times.

We use five key principles to guide our investment choices, which we have refined over the past 16 years since Pie Funds launched in 2007.

Principle Three is that we invest in people. When driving returns, it matters who’s in the driver’s seat. While a lot of people can drive, only a few can race. It’s the same with company leadership.

Skill, experience, passion, and ability really do come together to make something more than the sum of its parts. So, when we invest in companies, we’re investing in the senior team running those companies. And if the people change, we review our investments, exiting if we need to. That’s how important investing in people is to us.

At the Pie KiwiSaver Scheme, we understand the important role people play in driving performance. It’s why we have investment teams based in Auckland, Sydney, and London. That way, we always have an ear to the ground and are able to meet directly with companies and their management teams. 

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Investing in people is only one of our Five Principles of investing. It works in conjunction with the other four to help us make informed decisions, whether we’re looking at new companies to invest in or accessing the ones we already hold positions in.

As active management specialists, we stick to these principles when markets are up and when they’re down too. Pie's KiwiSaver Scheme has a range of actively managed funds, led by our local and global investment specialists that aim to provide expert insights and above average returns over the long-term. Plus, we're proud to offer a fee free account for members under 13 years old, making it even easier to start and  grow their savings

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