9/21/2021 12:00:00 AM

3 reasons why Pie doesn’t invest in cryptocurrency

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The crypto craze is prompting many to try their hand to make money. Pie Funds CEO and Founder Mike Taylor explains why Pie doesn’t invest in cryptocurrency.

The hype around cryptocurrency has risen significantly in the past 12 months, capturing the attention of many Kiwis. I get asked regularly what my views are on Bitcoin and other cryptos, and if you should invest in them. Pie Funds does not invest in any cryptocurrency. Here’s why.

1. Our strength is growth companies and businesses
Pie has actively managed funds, and fund managers are specialised in picking high-growth quality companies and businesses to invest money into. This work requires extensive analysis and research by checking a company’s financials, management and competitive advantage. 

On the other hand, market prices for cryptocurrency are based on supply and demand, so the value fluctuates widely. At the moment, demand is high, so the value has been at record highs too. But there are still huge fluctuations: in April, Bitcoin reached a peak of around US$63,000. At the time of writing, its value was roughly US$40,000.

A cryptocurrency is referred to as a speculative investment, meaning it involves a high degree of risk and the price fluctuates. Speculative investment is usually done with a short-term focus, compared to a long-term investment where the value of the investment is expected to rise over the long term.

I don’t think there are many people who would want their retirement savings subject to such extreme highs and lows, with the added risk they could lose the lot. 

2. We hold cash as a store of value
Bitcoin is not cash. While it’s a digital currency, it does not hold its value for long. It could be up today, then experience a huge drop tomorrow. 

I don’t think central banks will allow Bitcoin or other independent cryptos to become anything more than another commodity that is priced in USD. Central banks need to control the financial system (otherwise chaos will ensue) and they simply cannot allow another asset to take over as the main medium of exchange. They would then be unable to regulate the money supply, availability of credit, or interest rates.

Imagine if you were paid your wages in Bitcoin. Because of the fluctuation in price, your wages could vary hugely.

3. Crypto is wide open to fraud and scams
There are no physical cryptocurrencies. The currencies are created, traded and stored within a computer system called blockchain technology. It is not legal tender and often is used in illegal transactions.

In late May, China escalated its crackdown after a price surge in Bitcoin and other cryptos this year heightened concerns about the potential for fraud, money laundering and losses by investors. Cryptocurrencies are used widely by criminal gangs and cyber terrorists because cryptos aren’t regulated or government controlled. Cybercrime is on the rise and Bitcoin is the payment du jour for criminals.

Because cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated in New Zealand, there is no help when things go wrong for a cryptocurrency investor.

Hacking, fraud and scams can be a big problem. Cryptocurrency platforms and investors are often a target of cyber crime. If your cryptocurrency is stolen, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back.

These aspects mean I do not support cryptocurrency as a serious investment choice. Sure, have a small gamble if you like, but I believe there are much better ways to invest your money.

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