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Achieve your goals with Pie’s private wealth experience

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Are you dreaming of a life where your portfolio is looked after and you can get on with living?

Pie Wealth is a boutique advice service, providing strategies and structure for your hard-earned money.

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s the benefits of having experts manage your money during a significant downturn and ongoing volatility.

Boutique wealth advice so you can get on with enjoying life
Wealth advisers can help you set your goals and strategy.

Imagine the feeling of knowing you’re on track for a fulfilling retirement, or able to comfortably help family or those less fortunate. Goals are personal and vary widely between clients. What are yours? Pie Wealth can help you reach them. 

You can be updated as often, or as little, as you prefer. This leaves valuable time to spend with family, friends, and enjoy hobbies, without the stress of investments. 

We’re focused on enabling the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for
Our wealth advisers walk the journey with you, helping you to protect and grow your wealth and achieve your personal goals – however big or small they are.

Pie Wealth is designed for clients with over $1 million to invest, who are looking for tailored financial advice for their investment portfolio to give them peace of mind.

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Pie Wealth:
+Boutique – You’re one of a small number of highly-valued private wealth clients
+Bespoke – Tailored strategies and financial guidance from experts
+For you – A trusted relationship and strong connection

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Information is current as at July 2021. Pie Funds Management Limited is the manager of the funds in the Pie Funds Management Scheme. Any advice is given by Pie Funds Management Limited and is general only. Our advice relates only to the specific financial products mentioned and does not account for personal circumstances or financial goals. Please see a financial adviser for tailored advice. You may have to pay product or other fees, like brokerage, if you act on any advice. As manager of the Pie Funds Management Scheme investment funds, we receive fees determined by your balance and we benefit financially if you invest in our products. We manage this conflict of interest via an internal compliance framework designed to help us meet our duties to you. For information about how we can help you, our duties and complaint process and how disputes can be resolved, or to see our product disclosure statement, please visit www.piefunds.co.nz. Please let us know if you would like a hard copy of this disclosure information. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Returns can be negative as well as positive and returns over different periods may vary.