3/15/2021 11:00:00 PM

Expand your portfolio to global opportunities


Last year was one of the most volatile years for the share market in recent history. But now, UK and European markets are set to outperform and the future looks bright, explains CEO and Founder Mike Taylor.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about UK and European markets in 2021. Brexit uncertainty is over, a Covid-19 vaccine is being aggressively deployed, and the current low interest rates on government debt mean that all the pandemic support schemes, for both companies and employees, can be maintained as needed. 

This bodes well for UK and European share markets, which have suffered more than many other major markets in 2020 and therefore could recover the fastest in 2021. Pie’s three Global Growth funds are positioned well to benefit from this, and we’ve turned towards recovery plays (companies we expect to benefit now there’s a vaccine). 

Our active management strategy means we can be nimble and take advantage of opportunities in growth companies and sectors abroad, in this ever-changing pandemic environment. This is further supported by our Pie research team on the ground in London.

Pie’s investment team keeps a close eye on market conditions as part of this active management strategy, which helps us build wealth for our clients.

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Pie Global Growth

+ Three excellent fund options
Invest globally through quality companies hand-picked by the Pie investment team.

+ Long-term capital growth
Pie’s global funds aim to deliver long-term capital growth. Diversify your investments through exposure to global opportunities. 

+ An equities research team in London
Our specialist researchers find opportunities in global sectors, with strong connections in the UK, Europe and further afield. Their strength in detailed analysis helps select strong companies.

+ Includes opportunities which can be difficult for retail investors to access
Expand your portfolio through quality companies and sectors that can be difficult to access for retail investors. Pie’s global funds give this exciting investment opportunity.

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