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How has the landscape changed for retail investors?


How have low-cost share platforms changed investing? Pie Funds Founder and CEO Mike Taylor explains.

Share investing is easier than ever
It’s never been easier to invest in shares in New Zealand, with a rise in the number of platforms offering a low-cost entry point to investors. People can now invest with as little as $10 or $20.

Investing has been democratised in the last few years. This has been driven by millennials and Gen Z who have grown up in a digital age. With this comes a desire for DIY investing options and decision making, with the ability to do it at their fingertips. 

Sharesies in New Zealand, and Robinhood in the US, have been pioneers in this regard, bringing a whole group of younger people into the investment world. The investment landscape now has far more transparency, and less mystery. This is great news, and I wish these platforms were around when I was getting started in investing 25 years ago. Pie also has some funds available through the Sharesies and InvestNow platforms.

Investing always brings risk
Of course, investing comes with risk, and markets don’t go up in a straight line. People can lose money. But provided investors aren’t using borrowed money (this is not recommended), they shouldn’t get into too much trouble. A few losses are good for investing education too, as you learn more from a loss than a win. It sharpens your mind very quickly to the risk involved. 

The place of fund managers
There is definitely still a place for professional fund managers like Pie, as some people would still prefer to outsource this task, as investing can take time, skill and research, and some prefer to have a relationship manager. I think the rise of these low-cost platforms is good because it’s expanded the total addressable market, and raised awareness about investing. Previously, most people found it intimidating or boring. Seeing consumers learn about money and finance is very positive.

The power of the herd
For professional investors, we can see for the first time the power of the herd, and find out what the herd is thinking much more transparently. All investors can use this to their advantage. We discuss investor behaviour and the popularity of companies regularly in our investment meetings. Investing in exciting companies with a great growth story can be a solid investment strategy. Another good strategy can also be selling companies once they become more popular in the share market than they are in real life. 

Low-cost platforms and GameStop
The GameStop episode earlier this year, where everyday investors used a Reddit thread to drive the GameStop share price higher causing huge losses for hedge funds, highlighted the potential power of the everyday investor. Certainly low-cost platforms orchestrated the game-stop volatility but it’s a free market. We just need to make sure markets have adequate regulation to ensure that all investors are kept fully informed. Which can mean halting trading in a company’s shares for a few hours to a few days to ensure we have continuous disclosure and that investors understand all the risks. An example where it could go wrong is inexperienced investors who bought up large at the end of the GameStop surge, buying at the highest point then being left with shares that were overvalued. Many also invested large amounts of money originally destined for things like their retirement. 

Ultimately, I’m pleased that investing has become fun and interesting. I think it’s great everyone has equal opportunity to buy shares in their favourite companies and use this as a way to grow their wealth. 

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