3/26/2020 11:00:00 PM

Investor Update (27/03/20)

Dear Investor,

We hope you are well and adjusting to this new way of life for the coming weeks.

We will continue to provide weekly video updates during this lockdown period, and in the video below we cover off the following six investor questions:

  1. What are the latest developments in financial markets?
  2. What is the Investment Team focussed on?
  3. Could some of your portfolio companies not survive this?
  4. What are your cash levels and how are you managing cash?
  5. What are your thoughts about company valuations and what are you looking at to signal the bottom of the market?
  6. What is your hedging strategy?

Please send through any questions you have to [email protected] and we will either respond directly or answer them in the next week’s video update.

Have a good week ahead.

Kind regards,

Founder and CEO


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