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Our active management helps identify global market leaders

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Investment in digital payments companies like PayPal has created strong opportunities for Pie’s Global Growth 2 Fund.

Many products or services can be popular, but if the companies that provide them don’t have robust and sustainable business models, then this is likely to result in less returns for investors over time.

This is where Pie’s strong and skilled active management strategy comes in. Our on-the-ground approach, including our UK-based equities researchers, uses analysis and experience to identify opportunities that might not be so readily apparent to retail investors. We can identify themes and trends early, which can lead to profitable investment decisions.

PayPal is popular. But it ticks a number of our investment criteria too. The company sits at the heart of two huge multi-year trends – the move from cash to digital payments, and the growth in e-commerce. PayPal processes an estimated 20% to 30% of global e-commerce transactions, making it a sector leader. 

PayPal’s scalable business model, effectively “clipping the ticket” on every transaction it processes, allowed it to make a high operating profit margin in 2020 of 25%. The company also generates lots of cash and has no debt, things we look for at Pie. 

PayPal is constantly evolving and enriching its digital payments ecosystem, and we expect this will bring strong growth for many years.

When this is combined with its leading market position and its increased services, we believe PayPal has all the ingredients to be a great investment.

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Pie’s Global Growth 2 Fund features:

+ Invest in global market leaders
Large global companies like PayPal have stable, leading competitive market positions and provide steady long-term growth opportunities. 

+ Diversify through Pie's global large companies fund
Diversify your portfolio with exposure to companies valued at US$1 billion or more, hand-picked by the Pie investment team.

+ Long-term capital growth
Pie’s Global Growth 2 Fund aims to deliver long-term capital growth. Diversify your portfolio through exposure to market leaders, quality companies and sectors. 

+ A well-connected research team in London
Our specialist equities researchers are well connected in the UK, Europe and further afield. Their ear to the ground and strength in detailed analysis helps identify strong investment opportunities.

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